The ChristCare program is our small group ministry at Desert Cross. Groups meet once a week for worship, prayer, Bible study, and fellowship. 

You may join a ChristCare Group at any time. If you find one that fits your schedule, please are always welcome. You don't have to wait to be invited, join one this week! 

For more information about ChristCare or specific group information, contact Denise McClellan at or 480-730-8600.

Please Note:  Some of our groups take summer breaks.  Please confirm your group is meeting.

  • Sunday   7:00 pm   Men   Desert Cross Tempe
    We are a group of men of all ages who meet weekly and try to get to know Jesus through the scripture reading and get to know each other at the same time.

  • Monday   9:30 am   Moms   Desert Cross Tempe
    We're a group of moms with children of all ages who gather weekly to love and support each other through the challenges and joys of motherhood.  Child care available upon request.
  • Monday   6:30 pm   Men & Women   Call for Location
    We are a group of men and women who meet weekly for study and support.
  • Wednesday   8:15 am   Men & Women   Desert Cross Tempe
    We are a group of retired men and women.  We meet weekly for a lively discussion on the next Sunday's lesson.  There are many ways that we support one another as well as the community.
  • Wednesday   9:00 am   Women   Call for Location
    We are a group of woman who gather around a kitchen table to study the Word and share our highs and lows on our journey of faith.
  • Wednesday   1:00 pm   Men & Women   Desert Cross Tempe
    We meet weekly to support each other and share our faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Wednesday   3:30 pm   Moms & Grandmas   Call for Location
    We are a mom's and grandma's group that meets weekly to study God's word and encourage each other along life's journey with Christ.
  • Thursday   7:00 am   Men & Women   Desert Cross Tempe
    We are a group of men and women of mid-life age and higher who strive to live our best lives by Carrying Out Repetitive Kindness (CORK) to all we come in contact with daily.
  • Thursday   6:45 pm   Women   Call for Location   ON SUMMER BREAK
    We are a group of women who love to get together to pray, love, and support each other.  We are open to all women and hope that our evening meeting fits your schedule.