If you are interested in using the facilities of Desert Cross Lutheran Church, please contact Doug Bjotvedt, Director of Operations and Property, about availability and then complete a Reservation Request. Facility Contributions are set for members and non-members and cover both Weddings and Other Events.

We have several options for your event including classrooms, sanctuary, a large kitchen, and Community Center/gym.

If you are planning a one time event, calculate your contribution for the event itself and do not count time for decorating in advance. Please note additional Fee Services and to whom they are payable.

If you are planning a multi-hour (1 hour per week for 6 weeks) program or multi-day event such as a week long camp or conference, calculate your contribution based on the “thereafter” per hour rate.

If you are a member of DCLC, you are not required to provide additional insurance for your event. For non-members, the minimum insurance coverage is posted on the associated forms.

Normally, associations and groups have insurance already. For those who need to secure insurance for the first time, start with your homeowner or automobile insurance company and follow their recommendations.

If you have any questions, contact Doug at dbjotvedt@desertcross.org or 480-730-8600.
Doug Bjotvedt
Director of Operations & Property