Desert Cross will be offering education opportunities during the year as we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.
  • Reformation Studies
    Desert Cross Gilbert
    Pastor Andrea, Pastor Dan, and Pastor Matt will be leading a series of Reformation Studies at the Gilbert Site throughout the year.
    Exploring the life of Martin Luther with the movie, Luther
    PBS Documentary by Rick Steves
    Opening the Door to Luther, an ELCA video featuring Rick Steves
    Reformation Studies by ChurchNext, an ecumenical website
    Watch the weekly email and monthly newsletter for dates and times
    If you have any questions, contact Pastor Andrea, Pastor Dan, or Pastor Matt at 480-730-8600

  • Reformation Studies
    Desert Cross Tempe
    Pastor Steve Holm, our Teaching Pastor for Reformation 500, will be leading new studies beginning in September.
    Questions???  Contact Denise McClellan at or 480-730-8600.